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        I love watching Arlyss’s personality develop over time. He’ll be eight months old in a https://www.kristyfountain.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=385&action=edit&classic-editor#edit_timestampcouple of days, and I remember the first long three months when each day felt like a week (come of think of it, waking up every 3 hours didn’t help). He was tiny and beautiful, yet relatively inert. And I didn’t get the snuggly early period to enjoy because he was unable to breastfeed regularly and an extremely independent baby. And what’s cool now is not only to watch how he’s becoming more quirky, funny, smart, and alert, but also how Liam seems to be activating special aspects of his personality. They are hilarious together and Liam is the best big brother around. Truly. He’s the sweetest, most compassionate and helpful brother. When we’re not in the room, he’ll let me know that the baby was fussing, so he fed him a bottle. And it got me thinking about when, exactly, our personalities (the kind that stick with us) form. We start out as little babies and our instincts are related mostly to our physiological needs. And then as we grow, we begin to form beliefs about the world around us through experiences. We form expectations and relationships. We become competent in acting on our world, we are motivated to have our needs met, and we try to keep ourselves safe. The Ego develops and grows. And these seem to be the foundation for our personalities to form upon. We are not born with a personality, we develop one. And I’m grateful that his personality is forming in a time where the house is full of lots of play, reading, outdoor adventures, love, music, and laughter. What are some personality traits or quirks that you appreciate in your kiddos and why?


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