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        So I have a question. It’s been since I was preggo with my miracle keto baby that I had portraits taken and it’s time to have some portraits taken again. Well, maybe after Taylor Douhit freshens up my hair this week and makes me feel more like myself. Isn’t it interesting how much we change in such a short time. Do you ever look back on your past portraits and think, “Wow. I was a totally different person then!” Or do memories from around the time your pics were taken flash before your eyes? Yesterday, I was thinking about the trajectory my life is on. Not in an “Am I going to be a successful” way. Moreso … if my life were to keep moving on this particular vector indefinitely, where would I find myself in X amount of years? All it takes is minor adjustments to drastically alter where we find ourselves in the future. My health. My family. The love I give to others. The hurt I cause others. The people I spend time with. The friendships I neglect. The way I talk to others. Every choice, every experience places us more off-course or more in-line with the meaning-filled life we long for. It’s not helpful to steep ourselves in past regrets or guilt, but it’s helpful to me to perceive present life as the cumulative outcomes of many, many moments. If you’re wanting a different kind of life, it doesn’t require a huge, life altering change. It just takes one moment where you make a tiny shift in your trajectory. And then another. And another. That’s how empowerment works, actually. We are wholly empowered when we make just little shifts in perceptions of our self-control and competence.

        Photographers & Friends: What do you do with the portraits you have taken? Do you print them for your homes? Do you primarily use them for social media? Or some other use? I am so curious! Tag friends / past clients / photographers if you’re wanting to know as well.


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