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        Affirmations for Enneagram Types

        August 26, 2019

        Affirmations for Enneagram Types – Feel free to download these to post to your IG or save them as wallpapers for your phone background or home screen! Say these affirmations to yourself frequently to combat any negative self-talk. I chose to leave out Types in case any affirmations resonated with you other than your own.

        To download them, hold down your finger over the image you want to save and then click “save image.”

        enneagram enneagram

        Enneagram Type 6 – Childhood and Parent Combinations

        November 29, 2018

        With my childhood staring me down from the past and the dreams I have of my babies staring me down from the future, I’ve been deep in thought this month, longing to answer “How can I empower my kids to be the best, most empathetic and kind versions of themselves into adulthood?” I worry that little nuances of my interactions with them will influence them in a way that doesn’t result in this. Am I providing enough structure? Am I being too strict? Am I too moody? Am I being unpredictable?

        Guess what. Even the most lovingly supportive child and parent combos result in personalities that are inherently … flawed. The Enneagram personality Type 6, for example, often results from growing up as a responsive (engaging, affectionate, responsive) child paired with a responsive (supportive, sympathetic, friendly) parent. Sounds like the best case scenario, right? Well, as they grow up, they tend to struggle with opposition or attachment to authority figures. This is a reminder that no personality is more flawed or better than another. We are all imperfect. All personalities come with an innate set of struggles. And we are also ALL impeccably gifted. No matter which character traits become us, when we embark on a journey toward self-awareness and make sincere efforts in self-work, a certain result is personal growth. And this mind-bending and struggle-ridden journey is the example we can set those around us (including our children) — the same example that will have the most impact on their growing toward HEALTH.

        enneagram enneagram

        Enneagram Type 4 – Past Regrets

        November 24, 2018

        Maybe when I’m not a photographer anymore, we’ll have our family pics taken. I’m such a hypocrite about the importance of photographically documenting our family and it’s hitting my enneagram type 4 Identity nerve in a big way. So I’ll be over here hanging onto my past regrets. Love ya. Any other Fours up in here?

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        Personality Types Within Relationships – The Enneagram System

        October 22, 2018

        When I’m meeting couples for the first time, I love watching the nuances of their behaviors as individuals and toward each other. I’m always pondering, “What brings them together?” I’m curious — admittedly to the point of insanity — about our personalities and how we can grow together in all of our relationships without expecting each other to change our personalities per se. How do we decipher changing from growing? I can see when couples just get each other and accept each other and those become my most favorite portrait sessions. I know on the outside, we are cool around other people and we will never know the effort they are putting into making their relationship a healthier one. But I’m honored to capture my couples’ chemistries at this very moment in history as a week or months later, it will shift, regardless of where they are on their journey personally and as a couple.
        Are you curious about how your personality matches up next to your partners through the lens of psychological science? Or maybe you’re single and you want to discover more about what motivates or moves or how you can grow personally based on your personality type. Do you want help relating to family members or friends? I’d love to help you get started on achieving any and all of these things through the amazing Enneagram you may have already heard of. It’s helped me understand so much about myself and has been the most effective catalyst for personal change during the last nine years of my life. I’d love to share with you my favorite resources and administer a test that will clarify a lot of questions you may have about yourself. Contact me for more info or to learn about how you and your partner match up based on your personality types and how to know exactly how to understand your relationship so you both grow personally and become even better for each other.