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        every journey begins with articulating
        the intention,
        and then becoming
        the intention.
        - Bryant McGill

        Systems We'll Use Together

        Have healthier relationships, heal yourself, discover your purpose, and live in alignment with that purpose with more ease! I decode complicated systems for you and help translate them into a language that gives you actionable steps to accomplish all of this quickly.

        How do you know your zone of genius and the careers that will bring you the most fulfillment? My absolute favorite system to use is the Enneagram of Personality. Because of my educational and research background in social and personality psychology, we first use the Enneagram. This is a psychology-based personality system that radically and quickly increases your self-awareness and gives you absolute clarity about your zone of genius. It is also a trustworthy roadmap that guides you through integration — safely and efficiently to your highest self.

        How do you know your karmic life purpose and how to live your life’s calling. Human Design and Gene Keys are astrology and ancient Chinese-based systems that I use to determine your best energetic strategy for living and working based on your specific energy type. Both support your unique growth journey throughout your entire life. They illuminate highly specific ways for you to become successful in life and in business.

        What other kinds of support do you offer?
        What topics do you enjoy teaching?
        How much do your services cost?
        Are you licensed?
        I offer online workshops, live coaching calls, and free Instagram IGTV videos. Follow me on Instagram to be the first to know when these are open for registration.